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Crew Housing for Construction Companies

by SnapStays

We Serve Construction Companies Nationwide

SnapStays Customer Testimonials

“You make it so easy. We spent a lot of time, before we used you guys, setting up apartments, getting utilities, getting furniture, all that stuff, and it’s such a pain. It’s so nice to be able to make one phone call and have everything ready to go and just move in.”

Rawson Enterprises, Inc.

“SnapStays was very convenient and wonderful in providing all the services that we were asking for when finding a fully furnished apartment.”

Epic Midstream LLC

Crew Bedroom

More Affordable Than Hotels


Construction companies around the country trust SnapStays to provide comfortable housing for their traveling crew members.


  • Professionally managed apartments
  • All of the conveniences of home at a fraction of hotel rates
  • Avoid paying high hotel taxes and fees for longer stays

All of the Conveniences of Home


After a long day of work, your crew will be able to relax in their fully furnished apartments which are set up for all of their needs.


  • Bedrooms can be set up as singles or doubles
  • Housewares and kitchenware are included for a home-like feel
  • Washers and dryers are available: No need to waste time at laundromats
  • Customize apartments to fit your crew’s needs

Crew Housing



Corbel needed housing for 20 crew members in Charlotte


SnapStays was able to set up all of the units within a couple of business days


  • All of the units were set up within one community
  • SnapStays was able to secure both 1 and 2 bedroom units for Corbel
  • All units were customized for Corbel’s needs
  • Corbel tells us that they used SnapStays because of the simplicity & pricing

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