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How does Leased By SnapStays work?

For a “Leased by SnapStays” option, we will provide an apartment, furniture and services package to suit your needs so the apartment is move-in ready. Just make one monthly payment to us and we take care of the rest!

How Does Furnished By SnapStays Work?

For a “Furnished by SnapStays” option, we will provide a furniture and services package to suit your needs, and you will rent the unfurnished apartment directly from a property.

What’s included?

The standard Furnished by SnapStays package includes bedroom, living room, and dining room furniture, linens, kitchenware, towels, an electric allowance, and more. To keep costs down, we also provide you with self setup instructions for internet and TV options. If you want to keep up with your favorite cable TV shows over the internet, we recommend testing out Hulu’s free trial. You can upgrade to Hulu with Live TV if you want to watch live sports, news and shows. For any housekeeping needs, we recommend using Amazon House Cleaning.

What payment options do you accept?

You can pay with any of the payment options below:

  • Credit/debit card via Stripe
    • We accept credit card payments on our website here

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, deposits are required for both Furnished By SnapStays and Leased By SnapStays options. You have two deposit options

    • A refundable deposit starting at $1,500 for Leased By SnapStays or one month’s rent for Furnished by SnapStays
    • A non-refundable deposit starting at $195 (may be higher depending on renter credit). Requires a $19.95 soft credit pull.

Regardless of which deposit option is chosen, you will be responsible for any damage or outstanding rent, bills or other fees above the amount of the deposit.

What credit score is required to complete a booking?

This varies by property; we will try to work with you to accommodate your needs.

How soon can I book a place?

For a “Leased by SnapStays” option we can typically accommodate you within 3-5 business days. For a “Furnished by SnapStays” option we may be able to accommodate you in as short as 3 business days after you are approved for a property; you can contact us with specific needs/questions.

What if I do not like the furnishings style that is provided, is there an option to change this?

Typically there will be options for different styles and upgrades; this varies by location and availability.

Can I rent from you as a foreigner or temporary visa holder?

We typically have a handful of properties in each city that accept foreigners or temporary visa holders.  Please contact us with your specific needs; we will try to accommodate you.

How soon will I get my deposit after moving out?

Typically, we can initiate the refund within 30 days of your move-out date.

Is rental insurance included?

Typically rental insurance is included; in some cases we are unable to offer insurance in particular locations; inquire with us for your specific case.

Is there a pet fee?

This varies by property, but typically there is an additional pet fee and/or security deposit.