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SnapStays Rent Escrow Account

Rent An Apartment Without Risk

How It Works

How It Works

Escrow Account

Fund your rental escrow deposit or rental escrow payment

Escrow Acount

Once your payment is in escrow and any required application is completed, your apartment is reserved

Escrow Account

On move-in, inspect the rental and release your payment (or initiate dispute)

Rent Escrow Account

The escrow transaction is complete when you release payment

SnapStays uses Escrow Account Leader, Payoneer, to Process Escrows

Payoneer is Used By 4 Million Users in 200 Countries & Companies Including:

amazon escrow
HomeAway Escrow
Fiverr Escrow
Upwork Escrow

Why SnapStays Escrow, powered by Payoneer?

SnapStays uses the Payoneer Escrow service to provide security to renters by holding their deposit or rent funds in a secure escrow account. Your funds will be held in escrow until you notify SnapStays to release payment to the landlord following your move-in date. If something caused by the landlord prevents your move-in, you may initiate a dispute to suspend payment until the dispute is resolved through our fair, efficient dispute process. Escrow services are used by consumers and businesses around the world to pay and get paid with confidence.

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