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Why Offer Furnished Apartments




Increase NOI


Maximizing NOI requires finding the perfect balance between several moving factors. Offering furnished units can help in multiple ways.


  • Increase occupancy by filling units that vacate during slow seasons
  • Higher monthly rates for corporate tenants looking for 3-9 month leases
  • Larger group of potential tenants = less vacancies

SnapStays Makes it Easy!


You have competitors who already offer the convenience of furnished units. With SnapStays, you can compete with them with ZERO changes to your current operations


  • SnapStays, or our guests, lease units just like any other tenant
  • We set up furniture, utilities, insurance and provide customer service
  • SnapStays opens new demand, marketing, and SEO channels for your units
  • No inventory risk and no additional tasks for on-site teams

Meet Suzanne


Don’t Lose Tenants To Competitors


Other apartment complexes have realized the benefits of offering furnished units with SnapStays. Don’t miss out on tenants looking for simple, move-in ready apartments.


  • Suzanne accepted a new job at an Atlanta manufacturer & needed to move cross-country
  • Booked 12-month lease with SnapStays
  • Previous move wasted 40+ hours & thousands of $s buying, moving, & assembling furniture
  • She tells us she used SnapStays because of the simplicity & pricing

Our guests are from some of the worlds leading companies

These business professionals are looking for 1 month or longer stays.

We don’t work with Airbnb or any other short term rental platforms.

Kaylan M. 3 month stay in Memphis

Staying with SnapStays was awesome! They were easy to communicate with and I was able to stay in such a nice apartment in downtown Memphis. I definitely would recommend!

Ryan Z. 8 month stay in Fort Worth

I just moved into my apartment in Fort Worth, Tx which SnapStays furnished for me. The entire process was super easy, they worked with me during the application process for the apartment and offered a great selection of quality furniture. They setup and moved in everything which I was elated (still am) to see the quality and comfort of their furniture package. The first day I informed them the TV was not working correctly, they came out the very next day and replaced it with a new one! Very pleased with the whole experience. Thank you Arelia and SnapStays for getting me set up.

Sara B. 1.5 month stay in Dallas

Very well service, Sandra helped me find many options according to our requirements and we received great support and advice from her throughout the process.

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