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Why Offer Furnished Houses




Increase NOI


Maximizing NOI requires finding the perfect balance between several moving factors. Offering furnished units can help in multiple ways.


  • Increase occupancy by filling homes that vacate during slow seasons
  • Higher monthly rates for corporate tenants looking for 3-9 month leases
  • Larger group of potential tenants = less vacancies

SnapStays Makes it Easy!


Gain an advantage over competitors by offering furnished homes. With SnapStays, you can do this with ZERO changes to your current operations


  • SnapStays, or our guests, lease homes just like any other tenant
  • We set up furniture, utilities, insurance and provide customer service
  • SnapStays opens new demand, marketing, and SEO channels for your homes
  • No inventory risk and no additional tasks for on-site teams

Meet Suzanne


Don’t Lose Tenants To Apartments


Apartment complexes have realized the benefits of offering furnished units. Don’t miss out on tenants looking for simple, move-in ready housing solutions.


  • Suzanne accepted a new job at an Atlanta manufacturer & needed to move cross-country
  • Booked 12-month lease with SnapStays
  • Previous move wasted 40+ hours & thousands of $s buying, moving, & assembling furniture
  • She tells us she used SnapStays because of the simplicity & pricing

Furniture makes a House a Home

Our guests are from some of the worlds leading companies

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